We are successful because we have the team to execute our vision. While experience and processes look good on paper, a successful company must have an able team of people to do the work. These relationships reduce development risk. We have assembled a star-quality team associated with each project; and, many of those team members continue with us as we develop our portfolio.


We create value by developing effectively and efficiently. We seek to leverage the need for senior living with quality of life for residents in our communities.


We believe in a focused strategy. We appreciate the benefits of doing one thing and doing it well. We seek to accurately evaluate the need for senior services associated with a particular neighborhood. We minimize our risk by the process we undergo before we control a piece of ground, which in turn minimizes the risk to investors and enhances life for residents.


Spectra delivers a quality product every time. Whether developing site plans or negotiating with municipalities, our results speak for themselves. We work hard, have a focused strategy, and use the best people to build a product in which we believe.