Excellence in Senior Living

Spectra Properties’ sole focus is senior living development with the goal of delivering the highest quality facilities and services for active adult, assisted living and memory care residents. Providing a place where aging in place can be done with dignity, respect, comfort, and minimal displacement is a cornerstone of our commitment to residents.

Aging in place requires seamless execution in holistic wellness programming for mind, body and soul. It requires a great sensitivity to residents’ unique needs and desires for this phase of their life and requires a caring, trained staff that recognizes and administers individualized services.

As Baby Boomers move into retirement there will be a greater demand for Senior Living to be a place of CHOICE. As families grow more geographically separated because of employment or other family needs, it will become common for seniors to desire an active community where they, as couples or individuals, can age, downsize, and simplify their lives in a safe, wellness-based, stimulating environment. We have the oppurtunity to provide upscale options many Seniors desire where family and friends can gather with ease.


To develop aging-in-place wellness communities for individuals 65yrs+ wishing to continue an active lifestyle within a safe environment while enjoying stimulating and regarding programming that allows individual expression and growth.

To expand upon our management team’s state-of-the-art programs for individuals who need services addressing their individual needs and acuity levels.

To integrate individual resident needs around whole-person wellness programs affecting phuysical, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual and vocational well-being.


Be Chosen: Create the place seniors choose to live.

Be resident-centered: Create a place where residents have a voice about their environment.

Be Confirming: Create an environment that reinforces the dignity, rights, individuality, worth and value of each resident & staff member.

Be innovative and intentional: Provide a structured program which fosters individual creativity and interaction with other residents, family members, caregivers, staff and the outside community.

Who we are

Jeff H. Farmer, Jr – CEO

Jeff Farmer is the President of the firm and brings 31 years of construction, development and financing background to bear on his position of guiding the men and women of Spectra Properties. Jeff received a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. Upon joining his family-owned construction company in the 70’s, he built the yearly revenue from $500,000.00 to over $18,000,000.00.

As a noted developer, he has been a consultant to agencies of the federal government and various states. When forward thinking financing techniques were required, as a consultant Jeff developed a tax exempt bond program for the State of Illinois and secured necessary ratings approval from Standard and Poor’s, Moody’s, GEMIC, FIGIC, to procure financing for multi-purpose projects.

Joining Poag and McEwen in 1991, POMAC was formed with Jeff as the managing partner overseeing development, leasing and construction of approximately 1.4 million square feet of retail space. Jeff serves as President of Spectra Properties Inc. and is currently developing a new portfolio of senior living facilities consisting of independent living, assisted living and memory care units.

I will not build anything I would not put my mother in.

Jeff Farmer

Hugh McVeigh – Vice President of Construction

Hugh McVeigh serves as Vice President of Construction. He started his career in construction while working his way through college – attending at night. After graduating, he enjoyed an assortment of jobs in the design and construction field.

He joined Wilson and Savage Development Company, an International Design-Build company headquartered in Memphis, TN. The projects at WSDC were world-wide, totaling over $87,000,000 in construction value. These projects were all design-build fast track projects where Mr. McVeigh was responsible for all design coordination and construction quality assurance.

Mr. McVeigh joined Federal Express in 1979 and enjoyed a 23-year career where he was responsible for development of major sort facilities in Memphis (mainly the SuperHub) as well as major airports around the United States. These projects varied in cost: from $3,000,000 to $250,000,000. Over his career these projects’ value totaled over two billion dollars.

Through this work with FedEx, Mr. McVeigh became familiar with many challenges involved in large development and has been involved in construction management of multiple housing projects including apartments and senior living developments around the United States.